The following PowerPoint presentation was for a class(the class responsible for this blog in general).

The following is a simple Sun Salutation, that anyone can do, this of course like every exercise can be modified according to your agility, mobility, range of motion, etc.

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Tarea #4

Pull up

[Flikr: Pull up by Ross Pollack]

Ashley P., A., Samuel J. E., L., Rajesh, K., & James D., C. (2017). Heat and Dehydration Additively Enhance Cardiovascular Outcomes following Orthostatically-Stressful Calisthenics Exercise. Frontiers In Physiology, Vol 8 (2017), doi:10.3389/fphys.2017.00756/full

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A Bodyweight Journey

For the past few months I’ve been working on a calisthenics program, mainly cause I was bored of doing what I normally and it seemed like a good Idea to spice things up a bit in my routine.

I’ve been doing Crossfit since 2013 shortly after my father died, seeking a distraction I looked towards fitness, and since then I’ve been doing crossfit up until Hurricane Maria hit which threw me heavily off of my routine. Slowly I started getting back at it, but I started to lose interest in going to the gym, in lifting weights.

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