Since I started crossfit, I’ve always looked for ways to improve my overall health. If there was a movement I was having trouble with, I always searched internet wide for accessories to whatever exercise I wanted to improve, since I was with most bodyweight exercises having no equipment of my own. I found myself doing specific stretches commonly used in yoga but targeted for crossfitters. and basically that is how I got into yoga to compliment crossfit at that time.

I had done martial arts during high school so I my flexibility wasn’t that bad, but needed improvement. Yoga came pretty natural to me, especially since I have specific goals in mind and I knew yoga will help me get there, so I dedicated more time to yoga than working out. Sometimes as a warm up, post workout and on active recovery days.

Like everything I started from Zero, I’ve never been to a yoga class, even though I’ve been tempted many times to at least join a group, but for some reason I always dismissed that idea, its been little more than 3 years since I started doing yoga, and I’ve yet to enter a yoga studio or taken a yoga class. There is no shortage of knowledge online for anything you need, even though its obviously recommended you seek a professional but if you have the determination to do anything you’ll achieve anything.

If you love something you will teach yourself, if you don’t love it others will teach you.


A Bodyweight Journey

For the past few months I’ve been working on a calisthenics program, mainly cause I was bored of doing what I normally and it seemed like a good Idea to spice things up a bit in my routine.

I’ve been doing Crossfit since 2013 shortly after my father died, seeking a distraction I looked towards fitness, and since then I’ve been doing crossfit up until Hurricane Maria hit which threw me heavily off of my routine. Slowly I started getting back at it, but I started to lose interest in going to the gym, in lifting weights.

I started to look more into bodyweight exercises since I could do them anywhere, with no need for a gym or any sort of equipment and that is where I started to do more Calisthenics based workouts cause they fit my  every day and needs. I already had built a Pull-up bar at my house. So I was golden.

Started researching different types of workouts, and I found a “special” offer on a program called Beast On The Barzz by BarStarzz. Which, eh… wasn’t getting my hopes up but since I was looking for something new, what the fuck I decided to go for it. Sad to say I am almost done with the program, but I will repeat the last 2 or 3 months of it with a slight few differences to make it more challenging.

[example of the workout program]


Over the next few weeks you’ll be reading about my experience and what I think about the program with a few examples here and there, including my yoga practice.