Since I started crossfit, I’ve always looked for ways to improve my overall health. If there was a movement I was having trouble with, I always searched internet wide for accessories to whatever exercise I wanted to improve, since I was with most bodyweight exercises having no equipment of my own. I found myself doing specific stretches commonly used in yoga but targeted for crossfitters. and basically that is how I got into yoga to compliment crossfit at that time.

I had done martial arts during high school so I my flexibility wasn’t that bad, but needed improvement. Yoga came pretty natural to me, especially since I have specific goals in mind and I knew yoga will help me get there, so I dedicated more time to yoga than working out. Sometimes as a warm up, post workout and on active recovery days.

Like everything I started from Zero, I’ve never been to a yoga class, even though I’ve been tempted many times to at least join a group, but for some reason I always dismissed that idea, its been little more than 3 years since I started doing yoga, and I’ve yet to enter a yoga studio or taken a yoga class. There is no shortage of knowledge online for anything you need, even though its obviously recommended you seek a professional but if you have the determination to do anything you’ll achieve anything.

If you love something you will teach yourself, if you don’t love it others will teach you.


Body by rings

In this post I’ll basically be explaining(or at least try to, bear with me I am so bad at this), at least for me, the importance of training with gymnastics rings.

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Once I started to take workouts more seriously probably one of the first implements I got was the gymnastics rings, why? Well… why not, right? But seriously one of the main reasons I got them was the endless possibilities of owning them, you can basically use them anywhere you want, the are very portable and offer a lot of things that weights, and bodyweight alone won’t give you

When I started using these rings, I had no one to teach me how to use them, how to work around them. But luckily we all have the internet to thank for endless knowledge. So that is what I did, spent hours on youtube, understanding, reading endless articles on different applications on how to use the rings. I’m a pretty fast learner at least in the things I love, or have great interest in. The other day I was watching a video on youtube and I heard the phrase “If you love it you will teach yourself, if you don’t love it others will teach you” With Youtube there are no excuses not to learn anything. Literally everything is there, coupled by well read documents found all over the internet, this is how I learned basically everything I am able to do today from crossfit, yoga and now calisthenics.

[Carl Paoli Youtube]

One of the biggest help was this man(video playlist above) Carl Paoli, it was one of the first people that came up once I started researching on how to do the muscle up which by that time was like my all time goal. There is something in his words that it greatly caught my attention. The way he explained it on how to achieve the muscle up opened my eyes and after a few tries I got my first muscle up, then I worked towards the strict muscle up, and in no time I also got that one down as well.

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I can't be happier with that decision that let me to buy these rings. They are the most important tool in my training. Everyone should learn how to use them. Once you start seeing and feeling the change. You'll want to incorporate them into every session. Highly recommended! Lightweight, easy to travel with and easy to set up basically anywhere. #yogi #crossfitter #yoga #beardedyogi #puertoricolovesyoga #puertorico #whateverpr #CrossFit #CrossFitAtHome #vikingstrength #mjolnir #vikingbeard #Namaste #namasteasfuck #Calisthenics #strongman #crossfitstrongman #international_yogis #puertorricanyogi #gymnastics #alwayssore #swoleandflexy #outdoors #beach #gymnasticrings #beachworkout #playasucia #caborojo #hyletenation #xtrainingequipment

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Then I started looking for ways to implement the rings into my workouts, so that is what I did. I searched all over youtube and internet Workouts to do with gymnastics rings, from bodybuilding, crossfit, gymnastics and calisthenics. I started learning more and more as I went along my journey to try and master my bodyweight with these rings. I shifted more and more to using them in my daily routines, even if it was just a regular day at the beach, I brought them and hang them wherever I could to get a quick workout done.

I can’t think of any other equipment that is this important to me, even though I have taken a break from them in the past few weeks, but I still try to squeeze in some skill training with them here and there. They have opened my eyes to the possibility of literally being able to workout anywhere, all I needed was just some creativity even if I don’t use or have the rings. There is always a way to get the workout done, the rest are just excuses

Tarea #4

Pull up

[Flikr: Pull up by Ross Pollack]

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A Bodyweight Journey

For the past few months I’ve been working on a calisthenics program, mainly cause I was bored of doing what I normally and it seemed like a good Idea to spice things up a bit in my routine.

I’ve been doing Crossfit since 2013 shortly after my father died, seeking a distraction I looked towards fitness, and since then I’ve been doing crossfit up until Hurricane Maria hit which threw me heavily off of my routine. Slowly I started getting back at it, but I started to lose interest in going to the gym, in lifting weights.

I started to look more into bodyweight exercises since I could do them anywhere, with no need for a gym or any sort of equipment and that is where I started to do more Calisthenics based workouts cause they fit my  every day and needs. I already had built a Pull-up bar at my house. So I was golden.

Started researching different types of workouts, and I found a “special” offer on a program called Beast On The Barzz by BarStarzz. Which, eh… wasn’t getting my hopes up but since I was looking for something new, what the fuck I decided to go for it. Sad to say I am almost done with the program, but I will repeat the last 2 or 3 months of it with a slight few differences to make it more challenging.

[example of the workout program]


Over the next few weeks you’ll be reading about my experience and what I think about the program with a few examples here and there, including my yoga practice.

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